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All Blue Lodge Activities Suspended until Further Notice.
Effective until beginning of May.
Grand Lodge will re-evaluate at the end of April.

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Perry-Ionic Lodge No. 796 resulted from the merger of Ionic Lodge No. 525, which was constituted on November 10,1873 and Perry Lodge No. 796, which was constituted on November 3, 1962,  forming Perry-Ionic Lodge
on December 27,1983.Stated Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, except the months of July and August, when the Lodge is called off from labor.

Richard V. Bopp, JR, P.M.
Worshipful Master
of  Perry-Ionic Lodge No. 796

2019 Elected Officers

Worshipful Master                                                  Richard V. Bopp, JR, PM
Senior Warden                                                         Cory J. Falcona
Junior Warden                                                         Robert C. Ferguson
Treasurer                                                                   Robert C. Catalano
Secretary                                                                    Hector L. Cabrera, PM
Representative in the Grand Lodge                      David R. Steinmetz, PM
Substitute Representative in the Grand Lodge  Charles G. Lotz, PM


Stephen D. Bloomquist, PM       Phil M Serra, PM       David R. Steinmetz, PM

Appointed Officers

Assistant Secretary                                                    Pedro A. Zayas, PM
Pursuivant                                                                   Gary K. Kavanagh
Senior Deacon                                                            Mark Chapaitis
Junior Deacon                                                            Robert J. Bopp
Sr. Master of Ceremonies                                         Joseph P. Falcona
Jr. Master of Ceremonies                                         Gregory J. Winter
Chaplain                                                                      Frank G. Mehalov
Sr. Steward                                                                  Michael G. Foriska
Jr. Steward                                                                  Steve C. Hunter
Tyler                                                                             Michael C. Sassano, Jr., PM

Right Worshipful Grand Master
of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Brother Thomas Gamon, IV


District Deputy Grand Master
55th Masonic District
D. Todd Ballenger, P.M.



The Masonic Belief
There is one God, The Father of all men.
The Holy Bible is the Great Light in Masonry, and
the Rule and Guide for faith and practice.
Man is immortal.
Character determines destiny.
Love of man is, next to love of God, man’s first duty.
Prayer, communion of man with God, is helpful.
Recognizing the impossibility of confining the teaching
of Masonry to any fixed forms of expression, yet acknowledging
the value of authoritative statements of fundamental principles
the following is proclaimed as;

The Masonic Teaching
Masonry teaches man to practice charity and benevolence,
to protect chastity, to respect the ties of blood and friendship,
to adopt the principles and revere the ordinances of religion,
to assist the feeble, guide the blind, raise up the downtrodden,
shelter the orphan, guard the alter, support the Government,
inculcate morality, promote learning, love of man, fear God,
implore His mercy and hope for happiness.

Want to know more about Pennsylvania Freemasonry?

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